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Celebrate Me Week is a non-profit organization solely staffed by volunteers, therefore we ask that all questions are sent via e-mail. We will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as we are able. We do have Internet access while Camp is in session and you may continue to e-mail us during that time. A Director's phone number will be supplied to parents of campers for emergency use only.

Due to CMW being held on a rented facility (Camp Patterson, Lake Washington), a separate address is used while Camp is in session. The address for Camp Patterson is: 5050 Patterson Road, Madison Lake, MN 56063

Board of Directors

  • Connie Bach
  • Paul Breiter
  • Peg Breiter
  • Steve Breiter
  • Shannon Finnegan
  • Kelsey Widdel
  • Dusty Drager
  • Doug Morrow
  • Ann Sellers
  • Mandy Sorenson
  • Tracie Wallenberg
  • Onika Peterson
  • Megan Chung

Support Staff

  • Sheryl Olson (Co-Program Director)
  • Brandon Koppelman (Co-Program Director)
  • Ben Larson (Financial Bookkeeper)