Frequently Asked Questions...

If your child's spot is able to be filled by someone on the 'waiting list,' yes, we will refund your fee.

Yes - thanks to past CMW families that donate out of the pure kindness of their hearts, we are able to offer some scholarship help. What we ask you to do is pay the required "deposit" of $150.00 with your initial registration. Next, contact your parish office and inquire about any special funding they may have set aside for youth programs/camps. A lot of churches do provide additional support for their youth, which is fantastic! A scholarship application will be available on this page in May (after all registration has closed).

Due to the large number of campers and our activity-packed schedule, we do not allow campers to call home unless it is an absolute emergency. We also ask that parents do not send e-mails for their child because it takes staff away from activities/experiences if they are constantly checking/printing/delivering e-mail campers love to get "real mail" from home!!

Our rented facility allows us to have 112 campers in each session (56 girls, 56 boys). Applications are accepted in the order that they are received, and we reserve the right to limit one camper per school to each cabin.

CMW has been holding camps for 25+ years and we have learned so much over that time. One thing that we saw in the early years, is that if friends bunk in the same cabin that it can cause distance between the other bunk-mates. Seventy-five percent of our week is spent in a large group where friends can often be together during the activities; however "cabin-time" is when we see the most new friendships being made.

Over the years we have become experts at this tricky illness. It is often an emotional time when Mom and Dad say goodbye to their child for an entire week and sometimes it takes its toll physically on the camper. We have a first aid office in the basement of the Lodge (where it's nice and cool) and campers are allowed to spend some time relaxing in hopes of a speedy recovery. If the child has a fever, is vomiting, and requests to go home we will phone parents to inform them of this. Every situation is different. Sometimes campers jump right back into the swing of things and sometimes we sadly have to send them home without getting to experience CMW in its entirety.

If you are registering more than one camper at the same time, there is a bit of a trick regarding the deposit. Please register your first camper and pay the deposit. Then, fill out a form for your second camper, hit 'submit,' but then EXIT once you reach the payment screen. (no worries, we will receive both applications and will have you make the second deposit payment on another day) Our payment system flags any transactions that appear to be duplicates and will not allow more than one deposit be paid with the same card on the same day. You can either follow the steps above or pay with a separate debit/credit card.