CMW Staff Information


2020 Staff Dates!

Week 1: July 11 - 18

Week 2: July 18 - 25

Week 3: July 25 - Aug 1

Week 4: Aug 8 - 15

Staff Applications are available HERE!  We ask that all applicants be at least 16 years of age prior to this summers' sessions of CMW.  Applications will be accepted through February 29th.

Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause. Elder M. Russell Ballard

First and foremost, Celebrate Me Week would not be what it is today without our staff.  Our staff is 100% volunteer.  We are high school students, college students, waitresses, nurses, retail workers, post office workers, social workers, mothers, fathers, etc...  What connects us all is a desire to create an ideal week for boys and girls going into the seventh grade.  

A large portion of our staff once attended CMW as campers!  Our staff volunteers their time for one week as well as training sessions prior to Camp.  Not only do they volunteer their time, but each staff member pays a fee to work at Camp in order to keep registration costs lower for our campers.  

Approximately 75 staff will be selected to staff each session.  With our campers numbers at 112 per session, the staff to camper ratio is greater than 1:2.  Here is a break down of Celebrate Me Week's staff:

  • 26 Counselors (12 male, 14 female)
  • 20 MAGIC (behind the scenes workers)
  • 5 STARS (our "actors" that provide daily skits)
  • 3 On-Site Directors
  • 5 Executive Directors
  • 2 MAGIC Directors
  • 2 SOD Directors (Liturgy leaders)
  • 2 First Aid Staff
  • 2 Dishwashers
  • 2 Diamond creators (daily newsletter)
  • 1 DJ
  • 2 Office Administrators
  • 2 Large Group Games leaders
  • 2 Photographers